Cheap Cat Food Is Not Always a Bargain

The sad truth is that with many commercial cat foods, we really don’t want to know what’s in them.  Yes, they are that bad!  Some brands include poor meat sources such as ground up chicken feet, beaks, brains, fetal tissue and more – all parts of an animal that may be high in hormones or even diseased.  The grains they include may be nothing more than hulls and tiny broken pieces of grain.  Some companies substitute a form of corn in place of a higher-quality meat source.

Many dry cat foods contain rendered ingredients, which can include rancid restaurant grease, spoiled meat from supermarkets and the so-called 4-D’s of cattle – dead, dying, diseased, and disabled.  The pet food industry does not ban such things.

The pet food industry still make food that contains chemical preservatives.  These preservatives give cat food a longer shelf life than do natural preservatives – which in turn, increases profits.  Watch out for BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, and Propylene Glycol on cat food ingredients labels.

Buying cheap, low-quality food may seem like a bargain, but the veterinary costs down the road can make that an expensive choice.  Cheap food equals toxic animals.  Without easily-digestible food, a dog’s body can neither heal well nor thrive.  Cheap-quality food contains fewer nutrients than better cat food, and it’s more difficult for an animal’s body to break down those few healthy nutrients and absorb them.  Keep in mind that because high-quality foods are more dense in nutrients, instead of useless fillers, the cat won’t need to eat as much of it to maintain her weight.  They will instinctively try to eat more of a poor-quality food, trying to get enough of what their bodies actually need.

Feeding your cat a higher grade of pet food will result in positive changes in her body in just a few months.  Her body will be better able to digest and assimilate the higher-quality food and better able to ward off infection.  It is up to you to choose Fluffy’s food wisely, because the food she eats determines her future health.  Educate yourself.  She depends on you.

One thought on “Cheap Cat Food Is Not Always a Bargain

  1. Dave Cousin

    I completely agree, a massive 15kg bag of pet food with a price that seems to good to be true is probably full of filler. The best value is actually usually smaller bags of pet food with no filler but more nutrients, vitamins etc and a high level of animal protein in, make sure it is from proper meat and not animal by-products. You need to feed less so the price isn’t much higher and the amount you will save on vet bills will more than cover the extra cost. Cheap poor quality pet food really is a false economy.


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