How to Protect Fido from the Goblins

Maggie In Her Favorite Hat

Maggie In Her Favorite Hat


Halloween will be here soon and with that day comes monsters and spooks and goblins on our streets. But before they hit the neighborhoods for the “trick-or-treating” ritual, their ability to terrorize our four-legged friends begins at home.  Even the bravest dog will experience a heart-stopping moment when confronted by his best human buddy decked out in a Darth Vader or monster or werewolf costume.

Begin before the big day to prepare your dog for the monsters to come.  Show him the kids’ costumes and masks. Allow him to sniff them and become familiar with that unfamiliar scent of vinyl and plastic.  Have your child try on the costume in front of the dog, so that he will recognize who is behind the mask.

When the big day arrives, please leave Fido at home when you hit the streets with your kids for treats.  While he may be fine with your daughter or son in costume, he won’t know the other children out there.  A confrontation could lead to disaster.  I realize that some people will dress up their pets in costumes but please keep them on leash and close to you so they don’t accidentally frighten a child.

Confine your pet at home in a safe room with no access to an outside door.  Peace and quiet will provide the security he needs with all the excitement going on outside.  Far too many pets escape on Halloween night, and many of those never make it back home.

Be sure your dog is micro-chipped and wearing a collar with identification, just in case the worst occurs and he does get lost.

Hide the candy!  It’s not good for Fido, and chocolate could poison him.

Make sure any lit candles are out of reach of your dog.  An excited animal could knock one over.

Just those few precautions could make the difference between disaster and a happy Halloween for all.

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