How to Make Thanksgiving Happy for Pets & People

November 9, 2013

Maggie Loves Thanksgiving!

Maggie Hopes for a Handout


The house is clean.   The dining room table is set for company.  Aromas of roasting turkey and cooling pumpkin pies waft through the house.  Fido sits patiently by the kitchen door, hoping you will drop something as you prepare the feast.   It’s Thanksgiving, and your pets are begging for their share.

When everyone is in a festive mood, it is tempting to offer tasty little morsels of people food to our pets.  However, this is not a good idea.  The rich holiday foods we enjoy are likely to cause a problem for dogs.  The following suggestions may help make the holiday perfect for everyone:

*No people food for pets!  Rich, fatty human food may lead to pancreatitis in animals.  Don’t risk your furry friend’s health.

*No cooked bones for Fido!  Cooked bones may shatter, splinter or break, leaving sharp pieces that could perforate a dog’s intestines.  Thanksgiving is not the time for a vet visit.

*Some foods are toxic to pets.  Caffeine, garlic, onion, grapes, tomato…all can be poisonous to dogs.  Chocolate and alcohol are also no-no’s.  Don’t take the chance.

*Keep the garbage can lid tightly shut.  Pets will be tempted to pry open the lid, if they smell goodies inside.  The string from the turkey or roast will be ingested by your dog, right along with the drippings stuck to it.  Once swallowed, who knows what will happen to that string.

*Clear the counters before you sit down to eat.  When you and your guests head to the dining room to enjoy the feast, Fido may be counter-surfing in the kitchen.  Don’t leave anything out that you don’t want him to eat.

*Remove the pets from the kitchen when you cook.  No one wants to end their Thanksgiving in the emergency room, but it could happen if you trip over Fido while carrying a bowl of hot food to the table.  Better to close the pets in a secure room or crates until dinner is over than to risk an accident.

*Buy a new toy or Nylabone for your pet.  Presenting your dog  with a new toy to occupy his time will keep him busy and out of trouble while you prepare dinner.

If guests will be coming in and out of the house, be sure your pets are wearing identification tags.  You never know when someone will forget to shut a door properly and allow an animal to escape.  Just a few precautions will ensure that everyone, including the family pets, will enjoy the holiday.

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