How to Improve Your Pet’s Food

December 15, 2012

Recently, I came across an interesting company that makes grain-free, GMO-free, glycerine and glycol-free pet food products.

Everything they make is also free of chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors.  Best of all, they are manufactured in the United States.

Clear Conscience Pet® produces pet treats and chews and a special Super Gravy® which is added to dog or cat food.  These products are new on the market and not yet available in all states.  It is a 100% family-owned company.

Clear Conscience is launching 3 intriguing products.  OSV™ (Omega+ Super Veggie) Enhanced Treats and Chews is one.  “These treats include organ meats, such as liver, heart, trachea, and lung from naturally-raised livestock,” said Anthony Bennie, a founder of the company.

OSV™ “enrobes those core meats with a proprietary blend of organic flaxseed and air dried vegetables.  OSV™ literally attaches phytonutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids to high protein ancestral carnivore food sources,” he added.  I found 6 flavors of treats on their website,

Super Gravy® is an instant dry gravy mix for dogs and cats.  This product includes artisan roasted, naturally-sourced organ meats, cold-milled chia seeds, and air-dried organic vegetables..  Add this to your pets’ dry food, blend with water, and you have a meal that any dog or cat would devour.

Mr. Bennie touts the fact that Super Gravy® significantly benefits the health of animals by hydrating the food they eat.  According to Bennie, “Pet guardians do not commonly moisten dry food since the result appears unappetizing.  The water just lays there next to the food.  This is because dry pet food is actually DESIGNED to RESIST moisture so it will stay fresher for long periods of time in a room temperature package.”

Super Gravy® acts as an interface between water and the dry pet food, adhering it to the kibble and “transferring moisture osmotically into the kibble…”

“Super Gravy® turns ordinary pet food into a delicious and nutritious, moist Super Food meal that is incredibly palatable and appealing…”

The third product, Sliders®, is advertised as the first moist natural meat-based treat without glycerine or glycols.  Other similar products do include glycerine and glycol to keep the food fresh and soft, and those are not healthy additions for pets.

The first Sliders® product expected to launch mid-December, 2012,  will be Sliders® Tender Beef and Cheddar.

These products all sound really good, and I’m looking forward to trying them on my dogs.  At that time, I’ll post an update.  I really like the idea of providing my animals with the Super Gravy® as an additive to their commercial dry pet food to ensure that they receive an adequate amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

If Clear Conscience™ products are not available where you live, you may order from their website (link shown above).

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