How to Feed Your Cat for Optimum Health

Beautiful Bella


When I was younger, I bought a bag of whatever dry cat food was popular at the time.  I didn’t worry about ingredients, just blindly assuming that the manufacturer knew better than I did what cats were supposed to eat.  I certainly didn’t know anything about natural, organic foods, and I had never heard of genetically modified ingredients in pet food.  At home, I would fill up the cat’s bowl with said kibble, so she could munch on it all day long, if she so desired.  I didn’t worry about weight gain, diabetes, kidney issues or urinary infections in my cat due to a bad diet.  The idea of paying more for premium cat foods never entered my mind, and I doubt I ever read a pet food ingredient label.

My cats today are more fortunate! Because I educated myself about the pet food industry, I am now in a position to take much better care of my feline friends and have a far better understanding of what they should and should not eat.

Cats today live longer lives and are generally healthier that those of 20-30 years ago, because they receive better care and healthier food.  Helping your cat to live longer is relatively easy. Just learn what to feed them, be sure they receive regular veterinary checkups, and keep them indoors.

Read the BARKS & MEOWS page at the top of this website to learn what should and should not go into a cat’s diet. Take that information with you when you shop and purchase the best commercial cat food your budget allows.

I realize that some of this article sounds like a rehashing of articles written when this website began 3 years ago. But some information bears repeating. New readers may not go back and read the oldest articles, and sometimes we forget information that should stay with us.  Certainly, knowing what to feed your pet fits that last category.

If your cat has allergies, try eliminating certain ingredients from her diet for a couple of weeks to see if there is a change for the better. Occasionally, certain common proteins will cause sensitivities. If your kitty has trouble with beef or chicken, switch to a salmon-based diet. There are other novel – or unusual proteins you can try with finicky kitties.  Avoid grains because they are frequently the cause of allergies in cats. Trial and error will help  you find a diet that works best for your four-legged friend. Just follow the tips on the BARKS & MEOWS PAGE for best results.


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