How Do You Love Your Dog?

February 7, 2015

We Americans love our pets!  In fact, a recent survey by Old Mother Hubbard®, maker of natural pet treats, showed that 57% of pet owners said “it was a deal breaker if their significant other or potential significant other didn’t like pets.”

The Old Mother Hubbard “Bits of Love” survey interviewed 600 pet owners nationwide and unearthed some interesting facts about the love we feel for our four-legged best friends.  For example:

54% of American pet owners tell their pets “I love you” every day.

26% of all pet parents surveyed said their pets get jealous when they show affection to their significant others.

Ginny, our Harlequin Great Dane used to shove her big head between my husband and me if Jim came to close to me to suit her.  My blue Great Dane, Coby, did not like to see affectionate embraces between Jim and me and “voiced” his displeasure.  He would get as close as possible to us and “talk” to us in his deep voice.  As soon as we acknowledged him, he would wiggle and push between us.

American pet owners enjoy celebrating special occasions with their dogs.  My granddaughter, Anna, adopted Bruiser from a local shelter a few months ago.  Bruiser recently celebrated his first birthday with a big party.


Pets celebrate birthdays

 Bruiser, the Much-Loved Pet of Anna North
Celebrates His First Birthday!

The Old Mother Hubbard® survey found that 42% of Americans will be buying their dogs a special treat for Valentine’s Day.

Another 11% will prepare a special meal for their pets.

21% will purchase new pet toys.

Old Mother Hubbard® suggests that those who would like to share their beloved pets on social media can enter their Bits of Love photo contest at for a chance to win a year’s supply of Old Mother Hubbard® natural dog treats.  This Smooch Your Pooch contest runs through the month of February.



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