Healthy Pet Treats for Fido Come in Small Packages

September 6, 2013

homemade bird treats

Gini Hyman lives life to its fullest.  This busy Mom and Grandmother is a Real Estate Consultant,  dedicated women’s rights activist and a devoted pet lover.  For her own menagerie of  2 parrots, 3 cats and 1 dog, Gini created Treats You Can Trust – Gini’s BIRDIEBREAD™  Cones and Muffins and Critter Cones and Monkey Muffins and began to share them with the pets of  her friends, rescue organizations and Sanctuaries throughout the country.  That venture escalated into a booming business.  ( (

Now, she brings us Treats You Can Trust Doggie Delights for our four-legged pets.  While these treats were designed for dogs, cats also like them.  When asked why she felt the need to create these new pet treats Gini replied, “Because of all the contaminated and poisonous pet treats coming out of China.  I do not trust any pet food company that uses ingredients from China.  In addition, my own dog Annie has food allergies, and I’ve been cooking for her since 2006, when the contaminants in the pet foods were first exposed.”

healthy dog treats

 Lucy was all over the Original Flavor Doggie Delights Treats.

There are two varieties available to the public at this time, P’Banutty and the Original Flavor.  I tried them on my own dogs, and they gobbled up both kinds.  If you ask Gator and Maggie these are hands down, the best dog treats we’ve found.

dog treats

dog treats

Frankie & LIttle love their treats!

 Frankie & Little, who belong to Sarasotan Charmaine Englesman Robbins, devoured their treats.

Each order of the treats is baked fresh and contains no preservatives.  There are no foreign ingredients included.  Treats are natural and use only organic ingredients.  Even better, the recipes are approved by veterinary nutritional specialists at the University of Florida Veterinary School and by Gini Hyman’s own veterinarian.

The recipes can be customized and adjusted for special needs, such as Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, or allergies. They can also be adjusted according to the size of the pet.

Maggie patiently waits for her dog treatDSC_0005

Maggie doesn’t grab treats delicately, but she snagged her prize.

P’Banutty and Original Flavor Doggie Delights Treats truly are treats you can trust!  Orders may be placed on the following sites:



Gini C. Hyman
for more information.

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Charmaine September 6, 2013 at 5:43 pm

Well thanks for featuring my almost-famous critters in this article! And yeah, they really do LOVE Gini’s Treats You Can Trust, and I love it that every time another warning or recall comes on the news I don’t have to hold my breath, waiting to see if it’s something I gave my babies. I just don’t buy that garbage so I never have to worry. Thanks for sharing the news with other people who love their pets enough to give them the best!


Carol North September 6, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Thanks for your comments, Charmaine.


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