Healthy Pet Treats Are Easy to Choose

April 4, 2014

The concern we pet owners share about the safety of commercial pet treats after the Chinese jerky treat scare is understandable.  We should all feel the necessity of avoiding any pet treat (or food) made or sourced in China, but that still leaves large numbers of treats marketed by various companies hoping to entice us to buy their products.

With the many choices available on retail shelves, it would take quite some time to wade through all the ingredients lists, but it’s a necessary chore to protect our pets.  With that in mind, I’ll share a few commercial dog and/or cat treats that Gator and Maggie absolutely love and that meet with my approval.

Clear Conscience Pets® makes very healthy dog treats and they are sourced in the United States with one exception:  The lamb used in Lamb Airy Bites™ comes from New Zealand.  My crew love those treats best, but there are quite a few choices to try.  Check out the company’s website here.  You may order from them online or look for their line of excellent pet treats in better pet stores.

Treats You Can Trust are a bit pricey, but that price reflects the excellent quality and their ability to create special orders for special needs dogs.  These dog treats are made entirely of organic ingredients and come in two varieties.  Even my cats like these!  You can order these treats online at here  or by phone at 941-961-7982.  If you love to pamper your pets, these are perfect treats for your special fur-babies.

How about a pet treat system that gives you options?  You can bake them; you can roll them and serve them; you can serve the base mix over the animal’s meal.  This one is, hands down, the most unique product I’ve found!  New to the market, PureZa for Life Healthy Gourmet Treats will be shipped beginning late May.  This pet treat system is being produced by a new company.  The people in charge are dedicated animal lovers and know what they are doing.   As soon as the products are available to order,  I’ll review them on this website at that time.  Your pets will love this one, and you will love the health benefits it will offer to your dogs and cats.  More to come on this new and special treat!

My criteria for choosing a good pet treat begins with a healthy selection of ingredients.  I do recognize that we are talking about treats…not pet food for a full meal…and that said, the treat does not have to contain all the ingredients required for a complete and balanced diet.  However, the ingredients should be high-quality and nourishing.  I also expect a good treat to be grain-free or at least contain only one healthy grain.

Any good pet treat will begin with a quality meat source.  Nutritious green or yellow vegetables and a good fat source should follow.  Some good pet treats will contain kale or spinach, sweet potato or broccoli.  They may be in dried form, but the nutrients are still active.

One of my dogs seems to have a bit of a “sweet tooth,” and she loves treats containing fruit.  Fruits like apple, pear or cranberries take care of her wishes.  Treats should also include plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to promote optimum health.

Choose treats carefully for your dog or cat.  Be sure they only include high-quality ingredients.  Fido and Fluffy will thank you!













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Amanda Bennie April 8, 2014 at 8:32 am

Thank you Carol. We strive to meet your criteria. Our rule of thumb when reading an ingredient panel is…If you can’t pronounce it and don’t know it’s benefit you probably shouldn’t be feeding it. We like to use clean labeling.


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