Does Your Pet Suffer from Anxiety? Help Is at Hand

July 20, 2015

Bruiser Displays His Separation Anxiety by Destroying His Owner's Shoes

Bruiser Displays His Separation Anxiety by Destroying His Owner’s Shoes


If we humans develop anxiety that doesn’t go away, the doctor can prescribe pills to help us work through it and calm down.  Our pets suffer similar problems and while prescription medications can help reduce the visible effects of anxiety that pets display and relax them, there are products on the retail market that address the problems.

The Author with Gator, Who Suffers from Separation Anxiety

The Author with Gator, Who Suffers from Separation Anxiety

Dogs and cats suffer anxiety for many reasons.  Separation from their beloved owners is a common cause of anxious behavior. Our Weimaraner dealt with that for many years and now at age 11, he would still take things off my desk and eat them when I leave home, if he were given access.  In the early years, he would clear my desk of papers and devour every one while I was gone.

Fear causes anxiety and bad behavior in pets.  Perhaps it is the boom of fireworks on the 4th of July or a thunder storm, but loud noises can cause anxious behavior in both dogs and cats.  In their fear, animals may run away or just cower under beds or in closets. As with our dog, they may become destructive.  Some dogs have been known to eat entire sofas when left alone.

Our late cat, Abby, became anxious with any change in our home.  When uber-exuberant Maggie joined our family, Abby showed her displeasure and anxiety by urinating on carpets instead of in her litter box.  Her veterinarian diagnosed her with anxiety and prescribed an antidepressant, which helped.  She calmed down; we eliminated the soiled carpets, and she returned to her former well-behaved self.

For pets with fear of storms, lightning and thunder, a Thunder Shirt or Anxiety Wrap might be the solution.  Many pet owners swear by these products for their dogs.

There are also natural products sold in chewable pills or capsule form that act as calming agents. These are available for both cats and dogs.

Cats suffer from anxiety as often as dogs. Catnip in various forms – from leaves to toys to scratching pads and boxes may calm an anxious kitty.  There are plug-in products available that release pheromones that are supposed to relax nervous felines.

Essential oils offer potential relief for nervous dogs and cats.  Contact a representative in your area for do Terra Essential Oils or Melaleuca products for more information.

Whatever the reason that causes a pet to feel anxious and display unwanted behavior, there is most likely a solution available.  Begin with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying physical issues.  Then visit your local natural pet supplies retailer to investigate products.  Or go online and research options.  Help is out there!

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