Compare: Purina One® beyond® and Canidae® All Life Stages Dog Foods

July 21, 2013


This Purina® product is much better than some of the company’s other pet food options, although it still isn’t perfect.

Purina One beyond Dog Food


It begins with lamb, an acceptable, though not the best, choice of meat.  The 4th ingredient on the list is chicken meal, another high protein addition.

Brewer’s rice, which takes up a lot of weight in this food as the second on the list, is a poor choice.  Brewer’s rice is the leftover waste product from the brewing process and has no nutritional value in pet food.  It is simply a useless filler serving no other purpose than to take up space..

Beef fat is an acceptable fat source, as is the egg product.

If this product contained another quality protein as the 2nd ingredient in place of the Brewer’s rice, I could wholeheartedly recommend it.  As it is, not so much.

The Canidae® dog food grabs my attention at the beginning with not one, but 3 quality proteins listed in the first 3 ingredients.  It sort of spoils things by adding both brown and white rice and rice bran next.  Rice bran is difficult for dogs to digest, and the other 2 are fillers with little nutritional value.

Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

After those ingredients, I have no quarrel with the rest of the list.

Which product is best?  That’s a tough question.  Both foods have more good qualities than bad ones.  I would have to choose the Canidae® dog food, because the lamb used in the Purina® product isn’t as strong a protein.  Lamb is high in water content, according to some sources.

I like the extra meats that are high on the list of the Canidae® food.  If cost is an issue, the Purina One® Beyond will certainly be cheaper than the Canidae® All Life Stages Formula Dry Dog Food.

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