Compare Blue Spa Select Adult Cat Food & Eukanuba Adult Chicken Formula Cat Food

A healthy cat foodWhat’s not to love with a product whose website declares that the formula “contains only healthy, natural ingredients and is full of flavor your cat will look forward to everyday.”  Even better, it lives up to the hype.  This cat food does not contain wheat or corn or by-products, which is a great start for me.

Blue Spa Select Canned Cat Food

Blue Spa Select begins with chicken and the third item is chicken liver.  These are both excellent protein sources for cat food.  The rest of the ingredients list are all healthy vegetables, fruits and vitamins and minerals.

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By contrast, the Eukanuba food presents a cat food that begins with chicken and goes straight downhill from there.  The second item on the list is chicken by-product meal, followed by 2 corn products, which many cats are allergic to, and animal fat.  Animal fat is sourced from no-name meat and could include the 4D’s of the pet food industry, dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals.

Contains corn & by-products

All is well until we get to Brewers Dried Yeast, which gives Kitty yet another opportunity for trouble.  Brewer’s Dried Yeast is a common cause of feline allergies and has been linked to cancer of the liver in cats.

I realize that many cat owners like this Eukanuba product, but it doesn’t come close to being the healthy pet food cats should eat.  Between these two products, I’d take the Blue Spa Select every time!


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