Compare: Blue™ Multi-Cat Health Chicken & Turkey Recipe for Adult Cats and Iams® Pro-Active Health™ Adult Original with Tuna

These two cat products provide a good lesson about choosing healthy pet food, because they are quite different.  The Blue™ Multi-Cat food supposedly “meets the needs of multi-life cats, no matter their breed or weight,” according to the company website.  They use whole grains and high-quality proteins in their foods, along with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


This is an overall good cat food.  Look at the protein content: 2 quality meats followed by 3 fish meals, which are also very high in protein!  Menhaden fish meal is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  If you read down the list of ingredients, you’ll see that they are all healthy options.

Now let’s look at the Iams cat food:


Any pet food with by-products is not acceptable.  The second and third ingredients listed are variations of corn.  Cats are carnivores and need real meat, not a plant substitute.  The Brewers rice is a waste product from the beer industry.  Further down the list, I see fish oil. I prefer to see a named fish, not generic “fish oil,” which could be made of anything.   The remainder of the ingredients are acceptable but the fact that the item carrying the most weight in the product is a meat by-product makes this a no-no for my cats.

The difference in quality of ingredients between these two cat foods is significant.  Decide for yourself which one your kitty should eat.

However, there is a caveat to this:  Before you purchase the Blue Cat Food, I urge you to check out a website full of complaints about Blue Buffalo products for both cats and dogs.  Read what others have to say and then decide if this is the right food for your cat.

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