Choosing Quality Cat Treats

October 14, 2013

Frankie likes healthy treats. Frankie Loves Treats!


Recently, I read an article written by the staff of “Pet Age Magazine” about today’s cat treats.  Since I am in the process of testing various brands of cat and dog treats on my own pets, I was particularly interested to learn that customers are looking for:

  1. Single-ingredient treats
  2. Highest-quality products
  3. Good price
  4. All-natural treats with no preservatives, colors or artificial flavors

Being a proponent of healthy pet food, I certainly am on-board with all of those preferences by consumers.  However, one important point not mentioned in the article is finding a treat that Fluffy will actually eat.

Most cats are extremely picky eaters and just like humans, they often gravitate to junk food instead of what’s good for them.  My Lucy likes a particular brand of grocery store treats containing all sorts of horrible ingredients, like animal fat, brewers’s rice, corn gluten meal, soybean hulls and artificial flavors and colors.  Granted, we don’t buy that product for her now that we know how bad it is, but it would surely be her preference if we did.  Instead, we look to brands with healthy ingredients, and there are a number of them on the market.

The problem is that our cats won’t always eat them.  Lucy much prefers two brands of treats that were actually intended for dogs.  Clear Conscience Pet® makes Lamb Airy Bites, which I earlier reviewed on this site.  Lucy is certain that this bag on the shelf in our pantry was meant for her.  I don’t mind her eating them because there are only 4 natural ingredients:  Lamb lung, dried spinach, dried pumpkin, and dried carrot.  It’s all good!

Lucy and Chico both like Treats You Can Trust Original Doggie Delights, also reviewed on this website.  Again, these were intended for dogs, but you couldn’t convince either of my kitties of this.  Ingredients are simple but spectacular when it comes to flavor my cats will eat.  Read the review here.

Lucy likes these healthy treats. Lucy thinks the dog treats are for her.


Sometimes, it is difficult to strike a balance between what Fluffy wants and what is good for her, but we should try.  The resulting benefits to her health will be worth the effort.

Choose Fluffy’s treats just as you would her regular food.  Be sure the ingredients are all natural, or as close as you can convince her to eat.

If your cat refuses to eat an all-natural treat, try one with the least damaging additives possible.  For me, that means I will avoid any treat with artificial colors or preservatives.  I won’t feed anything to my pets with corn, because it often triggers allergies or digestive issues.  Experiment until you find a treat that pleases your kitty.

Ideally, if you could make your own cat treats, you could completely control what goes into the mix.  You’ll find recipes here, with more to come soon.

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