Changing a Cat’s Diet Can Be Tricky

I can attest to the fact that cats are often attracted to the cheaper, less than healthy, commercial foods.  Years ago when we first searched for both wet and dry food for our first cat, we discovered that Lucy always liked what I call junk food.  This was before I learned the difference between healthy cat food and junk.

The first couple of dry food brands we bought were not quality choices, but I didn’t know that at the time.  Lucy thought they were both wonderful.  Perhaps that’s because manufacturers coat their kibble with an animal digest spray to give it an interesting flavor.  Whatever the reason, just because Lucy liked it, didn’t mean it was good for her.

A good place to look for a new cat food is Pet Smart.   You will like their prices and wide selection from which to choose.  As you search for the perfect food for your own kitty, keep in mind that it may take some time to switch her to a better option.  I finally realized that the change had to be done in minute stages.  I began by adding only a teaspoon of the new and healthier cat food to the old one.  I did that with both her canned and kibble and gradually increased the amount of the good food over a month’s time.  By the time she was being served the bowl with only the healthy food, Lucy was well-acclimated to it.

Dry food proved to be more difficult to switch, but we eventually made it.  Today, armed with a lot more knowledge about good and bad ingredients in pet food, our cats are served their wet food twice a day with only a small amount of kibble mixed in.  Chico didn’t like that idea in the beginning, but he did finally adjust to the change.  We no longer leave dry food out for the “kids” to nibble on all day, because that contributed to weight gain that neither of them needed.

The wet food is the most important for a cat’s diet, because the moisture content in the food is so much higher than in dry cat food.  Cats rarely drink enough water on their own, and a diet of canned – or wet – food takes care of any shortages of liquid.

Talk to your veterinarian before making any changes in Fluffy’s diet.  Cats are such finicky eaters and sometimes, a change or misstep in their feeding routine will cause psychological issues that you want to avoid.  It doesn’t take much to upset a cat’s lifestyle and it often comes out in her eating habits.

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