Blue Buffalo Admits to By-Products In Their Pet Foods

October 25, 2014

I followed with interest the lawsuit that Nestle-Purina filed against Blue Buffalo Pet Foods. One would have to assume that there must be at least an element of truth to the accusation that Blue Buffalo pet foods contain by-products, even though Blue Buffalo continued to deny this and filed a countersuit of their own.

Guess what! Last week, Blue Buffalo admitted that some of their pet foods did indeed contain by-products.

The company is not taking responsibility for their erroneous claims that their products do not contain by-products. Instead they blame the “mistake” on Wilbur-Ellis, a company that supplied them with chicken meal for their foods.

Wilbur-Ellis also provides ingredients for many other companies. Blue says that one of the processing plants owned by Wilbur-Ellis mislabeled some of the ingredients shipped to customers. Is that the whole truth? Who knows.

I did read that Wilbur-Ellis has a history of problems. In 2007, they were one of the companies that imported melamine-tainted rice protein from China that was linked to the deadly pet food recalls of that year. In 2008, there was a violation of medicated feed. In 2013, the company had a recall due to excess drug concentration in a de-worming product. (

I don’t know about you, but if I were Blue Buffalo and wanted to sell to customers who really care about what their pets eat, I don’t believe I would be purchasing ingredients from a company with a questionable safety record.
Blue Buffalo, in their own publicity release, said the FDA has been notified and that other pet food brands also received the so-called mislabeled ingredients.

No announcement was made of any planned recalls by Blue Buffalo. Sounds like customers who purchased dog or cat food, believing it was top grade and certainly paying a price befitting that belief, will just have to deal with it.
I wonder what other pet food brands were involved or if that was just an attempt by Blue Buffalo to cast blame elsewhere. I also wonder if Purina is also a Wilbur-Ellis client.

Know the company from whom you are buying! Know where and how their pet foods are manufactured and where the ingredients are sourced. The manufacturer’s contact information is on the can or package. Just ask!

I will soon post a video of my favorite pet foods, in case anyone is still searching for the best option for their dogs and cats.

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