Barks & Meows

Learn how to shop successfully for healthy pet food.

What Fido Wants In His Food

1.  Two or more quality protein sources in the first four ingredients listed on the label.

2.  Healthy grains – i.e., barley, quinoa, oatmeal, whole brown rice.

3.  Natural preservatives, colors and flavorings.

4.  Vegetables and fruits.

5.  Natural Vitamins and minerals.

6.  Healthy fats – like fish oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil or a named meat fat like chicken fat.

What Should NEVER Be In Fido’s Food

1.  By-products – of any kind.

2.  Chemical preservatives – like BHA, BHT, or propylene glycol.

3.  Soy – soybean meal, soy flour.

4.  Animal fat or animal digest.

5. Artificial flavors or colors.

6.  Salt.

7. White rice.

8. Sugar or corn syrup.

9. Brewer’s rice

10. Any unnamed meat


What Fluffy Wants in  Her Cat Food

1.  At least two quality meat sources in the first four items listed on the ingredients label.

2.  Water

3.  Natural Vitamins and minerals

4.  Fatty acids and amino acids, including taurine

5.  Natural preservatives, colors and flavorings

6.  Small amount of carbohydrates.

What Should NEVER Be in Fluffy’s Food

1.  Corn

2.  Animal fat and animal digest

3.  Useless fillers – like white rice and Brewer’s rice

4.  By-products

5.  Chemical preservatives – like BHA, BHT, and propylene glycol

6.  Artificial flavorings

7. Unnamed meats