Are Fluffy and Fido Cooked In Your Pet’s Food?

September 12, 2013

Pentobarbital is the drug veterinary professionals use to euthanize animals.  Residue from that drug ends up in pet food.  That is no longer conjecture.  Even the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirms it:

“Because in addition to producing anesthesia, pentobarbital is routinely used to euthanize animals, the most likely way it could get into dog food would be in rendered animal products…Rendered products come from a process that converts animal tissues to feed ingredients.  Pentobarbital seems to be able to survive the rendering process.  If animals are euthanized with pentobarbital and subsequently rendered, pentobarbital could be present in the rendered feed ingredients…”

Since pentobarbital is showing up in rendered pet foods, one would wonder exactly what animals were euthanized and thrown into those rendering vats.

The FDA asserted in 2002 that their Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) investigated and that none of the dog foods they tested showed dog or cat DNA in the protein of the foods.

That statement is contradicted in my article on this website by a representative of a Baltimore rendering plant:  Officials interviewed in the article didn’t like to discuss the role of dead pets, work animals, and wildlife in the rendering industry.  However, they did emphasize its ‘limited role’ and contend that it is ‘more a public service than a profitable practice.’

J.J. Smith is quoted in the article as saying ‘This is a very small part of the business that we don’t like to advertise.’  His concern was about bad publicity from animal-rights activists.”

I don’t know the parameters of the dog food tested by the FDA, i.e., how many different brands or types of food were included in the test.  I only know that the Baltimore rendering operation is not the only source that admits that Fido and Fluffy may well be in the rendering vats.  I watched a video awhile back showing an official of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) speaking about the presence of dogs and cats in pet food.  In the video, he used the terms “Fido and Fluffy” and confirmed that it happens.  This gentleman is no longer employed by AAFCO, and the video was pulled.

The FDA stated that the results of testing by the CVM led them to conclude that it is “highly unlikely that a dog consuming dry dog food will experience any adverse effects from exposure to the low levels of pentobarbital found in CVM’s dog food surveys.”  Does that information, coupled with proof that euthanized animals from veterinary clinics and even road kill are thrown into the rendering vats make you feel like buying a big old bag of dry food containing meat meal, beef and bone meal, animal fat, or animal digest?

After all, those four ingredients are the ones to avoid when buying pet food.  They are rendered products and come from those rendering vats where everything but the proverbial kitchen sink has been added.  Choose your pet’s food carefully!

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