America’s Pets Thrive on Better Pet Food

February 6, 2015

According to a survey put out by Wellness® Natural Pet Food, American dogs and cats are much loved and eating very well!  Old Mother Hubbard®, which falls under the WellPet umbrella of brands, released a survey just in time for Valentine’s Day showing how much we Americans do love our pets.  The Old Mother Hubbard® “Bits of Love” survey included 600 pet owners nationwide and found that 42% of those pet owners plan to buy a special treat for their dogs this Valentine’s Day.  Another 11% said they will prepare a special meal for their beloved pets.

These statistics emphasize the important role that pets play in our lives.

Take a look at the graphic below.  It says that 82% of pet owners look for special features when selecting pet food and 59% search for natural ingredients.  This indicates that more and more pet owners are reading the ingredient labels, which is the first step toward a healthier diet for our dogs and cats.

 (Graphic Courtesy of Wellness Natural Pet Food)


More pet parents are avoiding artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives in pet food.  According to the graph provided by Wellness® Natural Pet Food and Treats, 40% now know to stay away from foods containing those dangerous ingredients.

Many dog and cat owners are switching to grain-free pet food.  They are learning that corn presents many problems for both dogs and cats, from allergies to the inability to digest plant proteins to obesity.  Wheat just offers empty calories and doesn’t provide the nutrients or protein that animals need to thrive.  Most soy in the United States is genetically modified – certainly not a natural ingredient.  The plant itself is difficult for pets to digest and when you add in the dangers of pesticides used in growing the GMO products, soy is not a good option.

The Wellness® Natural Pet Food Company markets several very good products for dogs and cats.  My own cats eat the Wellness Divine Duos as their wet food.  They love the taste, and I love the fact that two meats are included in the recipe. Their CORE Grain-free dry food for large dogs is also an excellent product.

You’ll find Wellness® Pet products at better pet retailers nationwide.  Visit their website at  Your dog and cat will thank you!

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Amanda Bennie February 6, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Hi Carol,
I am wondering if you have heard any mention of the Wellness canned chicken formula for cats changing. Our 12 year old sister cats are both turning their noses up. It was the only wet can I could get them to eat for the last year since my switch from Innova. Any information welcome:)


Carol North February 6, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Hi Amanda, I can’t answer this question, so I posed it to the Wellness people. As soon as I receive a reply, I’ll post their response here. Has your sister tried the Wellness Divine Duos? My cats love that one!

Cats are finicky creatures, and it isn’t unusual for them to just stop eating a particular food. But when 2 of them do the same, it’s worth finding the cause.



Carol North February 9, 2015 at 12:02 pm

Amanda, Wellness Consumer Affairs Rep Tee DuBois says there have been no changes to their canned cat chicken formula. And by the way, I obviously didn’t read you original post correctly, since I mentioned “your sister’s cats.” Sorry about that. Here are my thoughts: Have you changed their food bowls? Cats don’t like change in any form. Have you changed the soap you wash the dishes in? Sometimes a different scent will throw them off. I’ve been through this with my 2 cats but not at the same time. We settled on the Wellness Divine Duos for now. Do your cats eat any dry food? If they like that, try adding a little canned on top of the dry and see if they will eat it that way. Otherwise, it’s just trial and error. At one point, we were giving our cats a little Fancy Feast, a food I don’t particular like because of some of the ingredients. But it was all I could persuade them to eat. I was most concerned that they eat some kind of canned to get the liquid intake they need. With Cats, you meet ’em where they’re at. Best of luck!


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