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The purpose of this website is to help other pet owners deal with issues we all face in raising our cats and dogs.  As the human “mama” to two cats and two dogs and with many years of pet ownership under my belt, I’ve experienced many of the issues I will share here.  And yes, I have made mistakes.  Hopefully, I’ve learned from them.

As a free-lance writer, dogs and cats were my bread and butter while writing monthly magazine and newspaper columns.  During my years as communications director for an animal rescue organization, I created a retail pet supplies store and cat adoption center.  Determined to sell only healthy products, I spent an entire year studying the good and bad about dog and cat food.  I was fortunate to have a wonderful laboratory in my job to experiment with commercial cat foods on our many resident cats and kittens.

The cat adoption center was a free-roaming zone where I was able to observe 12-15 felines at a time, monitoring their food intake, litter box habits and issues and interaction with each other.  All our work was overseen by a licensed veterinarian.  From those experiences, I created two books to help people choose healthy dog and cat food.  I am making these EBooks FREE to download at  “Feeding Fido” or “Feeding Fluffy”  at the  Seniors for Pets website.  At the download page I also offer a method to provide a fully voluntary donation to further our missions.

I feel very strongly that our fur-babies deserve better than the poor excuse for a complete diet that some well-known companies market to the buying public.  Bad food translates to a less-than-healthy pet.  The link between a healthy diet and animals in top physical and emotional condition is clear.

You will find this website helpful as you raise your own cats and dogs, learning how to select the best food options for them, and understanding the role that diet plays in the lives and well-being of our pets.

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