A Pet Insurance Company with a Heart

October 12, 2012

When we brought our Weimaraner puppy home nine years ago, our veterinarian told us to get a pet insurance policy because Gator’s breed was prone to knee injuries requiring major surgery.  We listened to that advice and took out a policy on our dog.  Fortunately, we’ve never needed the insurance for knee problems, but it did come in very handy last year when the vet removed some tumors from Gator’s side and hip.

The insurance also helps with annual exams and vaccinations.

There are numerous pet insurance companies from which to choose.  I’ve used a couple and one is my favorite.

Pet insurance companies have several types of policies, and you will need research them to find what suits your pet’s needs and your budget.  Some plans cover only dogs or only cats.  Some cover birds and others do not.  You’ll even find policies on the market for exotic pets.

Many policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, but there are a few that do.  Most policies have deductibles, so be sure to choose one that fits your budget so you can pay that deductible.  There are policies that have caps on how much money can be paid to a particular client each year.

The price you pay each month for premiums is determined by several factors, including the age of your pet.  The older the pet, the higher the monthly premium.

With Health Paws Pet Insurance Co. & Foundation, you get a company with financial strength and stability offering good policies for pets.  You also get a company committed to animal welfare.

The co-founders met via an animal shelter in Seattle and found they shared a passion for helping homeless pets.  When they launched their pet insurance company, they chose to fund grants to help with animal health and well-being.

When a potential customer contacts the company for an insurance quote, Healthy Paws makes a donation towards medical care for a homeless pet with cash grants to pet adoption agencies to pay for vaccines, surgeries and advanced medical treatments.

When you actually enroll your pet in an insurance plan with the company, more money is made available to fund the grants.  Over the past year, the company has provided assistance to 65 pet adoption organizations and over 20,000 homeless pets were placed in new homes, thanks to their efforts.

Who doesn’t love a business that provides a great service and gives back to animals in need!

For more information, contact Healthy Paws Pet Insurance by clicking on the link below.  This company is our affiliate partner and any money received from them will be donated to Seniors for Pets, Inc, to help needy Southwest Florida senior citizens pay for basic veterinary care for their pets.

Meet Healthy Paws and get your free pet insurance quote today!

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Maggie DiGiovanni October 13, 2012 at 9:46 am

Thank you for this article. I have been looking into pet insurance and really had no idea which might be better.


admin October 19, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Glad you liked it, Maggie. I like the fact that this company supports animal welfare with more than words. 🙂


Rose winslet February 25, 2013 at 1:53 am

Cat owners, if you wish to instantly reduce your pet insurance policy, contemplate turning your cat into an ‘indoor’ cat. This will lower your policy as you will not need to have the further cover due to the dangers of the outside globe, and is generally regarded a excellent step for all round health. Most cats do adjust to being indoor cats at some point, so give it a attempt.


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