A Love Letter from Your Dog

To My Owner

I may have 4 legs and wear a fur coat. I may require a diet that is different from what you eat. I may need regular preventatives for parasites, but I am still very much your child! Just as you would love your human “skin” baby, you should love me.


I am a member of your family. Do not dump me in the back yard all day! I get lonely and bored and need to be with you. Don’t you love me?

You know how you worry about little Susie getting into medicine bottles or that bottle of “Jack” you keep in the house? Well, you should worry about the same things with me. You do love me don’t you?

A half empty glass of an alcoholic drink or a cigarette butt left in an ashtray may not seem like much to you, but I am small and if I find it interesting and decide to try a little of it, I could become very ill. You don’t want your “skin” child to get sick, so why would you take a chance with my life? Don’t you love me?

I am just a baby myself. My permanent teeth are coming in, and I chew on things to make my gums feel better. When your “skin-baby” cuts teeth, you give him icy-cold teething rings to chew on. Why not do the same for me? Buy me a few toys suitable for my size or tie a few large cotton socks together for me to play with and chew on. Don’t you love me?

When your “skin” child is naughty, do you hit him? Do you use sticks or brooms on him? Of course not! So why would you hit me with those instruments of torture? Don’t you love me, too?

My fur is long. It gets dirty and matted and now that I’m getting older, I don’t smell as fresh as I once did. Why don’t you brush me and bathe me? You always make sure the “skin” child is clean. I can’t do this by myself. Don’t you love me, too?

So…you were offered a new job…a long way from here. We are all excited! Your “skin” child thinks it will be fun. So do I! What’s that? You aren’t taking me with you? Why not? What’s going to happen to me? Don’t you know that if you leave me at that shelter, they will kill me? I’m not a cute little puppy anymore. Who will want me? Don’t you love me?

I love you!

Your Dog

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