Review of Precise® Feline Foundation Formula® for Cats

PRECISEPETS.CATPrecise® Feline Foundation Formula® is not very different from Precise® Kitten Food.  The company advertises that their formulas are all compatible, making the transition from kitten kibble to Foundation Formula® easy to accomplish.

All of the Precise® feline foods contain the highest quality ingredients.  Foundation Formula® addresses flavor with the addition of several sources of chicken, including chicken meal, chicken fat and chicken flavor.  Whole grain carbs add additional flavor without adding sugar.



Notice the inclusion of chelated minerals and Ester-C® brand of Vitamin C supplement to help strengthen a cat’s immune system.

Precise® Feline Foundation Formula® contains nothing but the best of ingredients for Fluffy.  The only drawback is the price.  You pay for all of those extra vitamins, minerals and other top quality ingredients.

Look for Precise® pet food products in better pet stores.

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