Review: Purina ONE beyond Cat Food

Anytime a commercial cat food bills itself as having “natural ingredients plus vitamins and minerals”  (www.purinaone.come/products/cat-food), I’m going to give it a second look.  Add to that the “Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Recipe” title on the label and its sounding pretty good.  Let’s look at the ingredients:

(Click on ingredients list to enlarge)

The first three ingredients are excellent choices for good health for Fluffy – two high-quality protein sources and brown rice.  Soybean meal is a cheap source of protein – actually a filler – used often in lesser-quality pet foods.

Barley and oatmeal are fine and do contain some nutritional value, but then the food goes South again with animal fat.    Animal fat is a result of the rendering process and what’s left over after rendering is called animal fat.  You have no way of knowing what went into that rendered mess that became the animal fat.

The remaining ingredients in this cat food include antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids and are healthy options.  While this Purina ONE Smartblend product is full of positive ingredients, it lost me at animal fat.  Better choices would have been fish oil or flaxseed oil.  This isn’t a bad cat food but if you want a truly healthy commercial food for your cat, keep looking.  If you would like more information about choosing healthy cat food, check out this link.

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