Review: Meow Mix Tender Centers™ Tuna & Whitefish Flavors Dry Cat Food

August 17, 2012

Delmonte Foods advertises this dry cat food as having “100% complete nutrition.”  Certainly the texture and flavors should appeal to most kitties, but the ingredients tell a not-so-pleasant tale.

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Beginning with ground yellow corn and followed by chicken by-product meal, the two ingredients carrying the most weight are bad choices for raising a healthy cat.  Many animals can’t tolerate corn product, but it’s used because it’s a cheap source of protein.  Corn gluten meal helps bind the cat food together to hold its shape in kibble form.  It does contain some protein but if used, it should not be so close to the top of the list. By-products come from rendered ingredients and may contain anything from dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals – to euthanized shelter or zoo animals – to spoiled grocery meat.

Soybean meal is a cheap source of protein in lower-quality pet food and has very little nutritional value.  Beef tallow is an undigestible fat and is a cheap fat source.  A much better choice would have been a named beef fat – like chicken or beef fat.

Corn syrup has no place in cat food.  It is a sugar by another name and can be a problem for some animals.  The artificial colors are a bad decision.  Phosphoric acid is a flavoring and useless for nutrients.

The vitamins added are a plus, as is the taurine, which cats must have in their diets, but that isn’t enough to get me to purchase this food for my cats.  For more information on choosing healthy cat food, go here.

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