How to Check Your Dog for Ticks by Monica Gomez

April 2, 2016

Editor’s Note:  Tick season is just around the corner for many parts of the United States and is year around where I live.  The following information about removing ticks from your pet was submitted by Monica Gomez. Credit for the Infographic goes to

Your dog is your best friend in the world, and the last thing you want for your best friend to become gravely ill. As this tick removal guide by highlights, many infectious canine diseases are fully preventable — all that is needed is a daily tick check, or better yet, a thorough check whenever your canine buddy spends time in long grass.

Regular tick checks not only prevent your dog from dealing with one of nature’s most pesky insects, they also keep worrisome illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and canine anaplasmosis at bay. Tick checks are very easy to conduct, so there’s really no excuse not to inspect your furry companion on a regular basis to prevent dangerous infections.


How to Check for Ticks


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