Building Your Pet a Solid Foundation for Life

Did you know that the pet food industry creates a great big piggy bank for the human food industry? Leftover meats and grains not fit for humans become pet food.  Food manufacturers make money; our furry friends often pay the price.

If you want your dog or cat to be in the best physical condition possible, begin by feeding them a healthy diet.

We’ll compare dog food and cat food brands.  Read reviews of your favorite cat or dog food.

Keep up with the most recent dog food recalls.  Read about the latest cat food recalls.  It seems that since 2007 when the pet food industry experienced so many product recalls over the Chinese melamine scandal, recalls occur far more often. Some of that may be because manufacturers keep a closer watch on their processes. Perhaps, the Food & Drug Administration pays more attention to the industry in general. And it is probably because pet food consumers are paying more attention to what our dogs and cats eat.

Do you know that what Fluffy eats determines her overall health?  Do you know how to help Fido lose weight? Many of the health problems that pets face have a direct correlation to their diet. On, we’ll look at some of these conditions and explain how they relate to what the animals eat. Knowledge is power and the key to keeping our pets healthy.

Be sure to read the section on different dog breeds, just for fun. Guest bloggers and I will write about various breeds we’ve owned and loved. Some dogs make great family pets. Others fare better is childless homes. We will explore all kinds.

Do you enjoy making your own dog treats? Or how about creating some special goodies for your kitty? Making your own ensures that you know exactly what goes into the mix, and you will know that those treats are safe for your pet.

The most important information you can take away from this website is learning what actually goes into your pets’ commercial food. Today, more than ever, pet owners need to be aware that not all pet food manufacturers can be trusted to do what is right for  your dog or cat. If you know and understand the ingredients, you won’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and adorable commercials used to market the various pet food brands. You can learn exactly what should and should not be in Fido’s and Fluffy’s food. You can learn to decipher those weird and unpronounceable terms listed on the package.

Most of all, we know that no matter how healthy a food is, if Fido or Fluffy doesn’t like it and refuses to eat it, it won’t matter how healthy it is. So look for common sense suggestions throughout the site to help you shop.